Self-Employed Registration

If you start a self-employed business you have to register with HMRC to get your personal tax number, called UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference). This is needed for your future tax returns. At the same time HMRC set up your Class II National Insurance record, so you will be able to pay the basic National Insurance which also counts towards your State Pension in the future. 

How to register? 

The registration can be done over the phone or online at the HMRC website. If you are worried about it or you don’t want to make any mistakes, we are here to help. 

When to register? 

You have to register as soon as you reach your first £1,000 income. The registration itself has to be done by 5th October in your second business year. 

If your income is lower than £1,000 you can still register voluntarily. This is recommended if you want to pay your National Insurance to qualify for your pension. 

What is needed? 

  • Basic personal information about yourself 
  • Address in the United Kingdom (you have to live and work in the United Kingdom to become self-employed here) 
  • National Insurance Number 
  • Business name and address (if different from your personal details) 
  • Start date of your activity 
  • Business activity description 

How much is it? 

We provide the registration service at a one-off fee of £60.00

Self employed registration

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