EVLA LTD is the Large Practice of the Year 2020 – Luca Award

EVLA LTD is the Large Practice of the Year 2020

In such a year, when I think all bookkeepers and payroll specialists deserve an award, clap and pay rise I feel extremely honoured to be awarded as the Large Practice of the Year at the LUCA Awards by ICB.

We all have faced many challenges in 2020. Most of these were not chosen by us and not welcomed at all. This was the reason I felt we need to set up our own challenges to make us better and to make sure we play a game which we have chosen for ourselves. Hence we worked on our award entry all year, built up references, streamlined our processes, made many webinars and videos for our clients. The result is the most wonderful team which can work together like a warband in the most difficult times and a bigger and better practice. I guess that is our real reward, but it is great to be acknowledged by ICB, who themselves raised the bar really high this year. Their support for their clients, us members were a great example to follow.

When we arrived in the UK 13 years ago, I had never dreamed of such a great achievement. Back in those days I was getting ready for my PhD qualification as a Microbiologist MSc, but in the final round I did not get a place in the University. We came here anyway to try our luck.
Soon it became obvious that we won’t be able to expand our family with a full time job, I need to work from home with our baby. So I changed my career to be a qualified bookkeeper. Probably the best choice I have ever made.

In the past 10 years, our daughter has grown up, like our company. Now we have over 1.600 companies and 4.200 individuals in our clientbase whom we have provided some kind of services in the past. I hope we helped a lot of clients in these years and will continue to do so in the following many-many years ahead.
My special thanks to all our clients who supported our nominations and to my team of 10 wonderful staffs who made this all possible.