Payroll and CIS

Since the RTI (Real Time Information) and Auto-enrolment came into force, payroll preparation and reporting can be really complex. It has to be done every time you pay your employees (or yourself), whether on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

We can prepare all your employees' payslips and make the necessary reports to HMRC and the pension provider. 

All you need to do is send the timesheets and any Starter or Leaver information. 

We will also issue the P45s for every leaver and P60s at the end of the Tax Year. 

If you provide any benefits to your employees it also has to be reported to HMRC. 

The CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) is where contractors deduct tax from the subcontractor’s payment and pay it to HMRC on their behalf towards their income tax liability. It only covers the Construction Industry. 

If you are acting as a contractor you need to report and pay all these deductions you have made to HMRC. 

Payroll services

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