Foreign company in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom different tax affairs require different tax registrations and result in unique tax numbers. You may need to register for more than one tax if your circumstances need it.

VAT registration

If your foreign company sells products or services physically in the United Kingdom for UK companies and individuals, you need to register for a UK VAT number. Lately the most popular reason is the Amazon FBA sales, where your products are held in a UK storage and sent to the buyers directly from the United Kingdom. This qualifies as a UK sale and UK VAT is payable on the transaction.

We can help your foreign company to be registered for VAT and to submit any future VAT returns.


In case you have an Employee who physically works in the United Kingdom as a distant worker, you have to register as an Employer here. His salary falls under the UK law and UK income tax and National Insurance have to be deducted from it. You as an Employer have to pay this tax and National Insurance to the HMRC (tax authorities in the United Kingdom)

We already have several clients falling under this rule, so we can help you too to register as an Employer in the United Kingdom and also do the monthly payslips and payroll submissions.

Set up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

If you want to expand your business activity in the United Kingdom, we can certainly help you to set up a branch or subsidiary here. We are part of the Department of Investment and Trade Advisory Network, therefore we can also help you to connect with the relevant authorities who have great support for companies wishing to invest and expand towards the United Kingdom.

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