Online data form for Confirmation Statement



Upload your document

  • Click on the „CLICK HERE FOR UPLOADING A DOCUMENT” button, above.
  • Write the company name you wish to proceed with and your email address into the applicable sections of the window you see popping up. (Upper left corner.)
  • Click on the „Add files” icon (bottom left corner) then select the documents you wish to upload from your computer.
  • If you change your mind about the document selected you can remove it with the '-' button.
  • Click on 'Start Upload' in order to send the files over. A tick symbol beside the icon means your document has been uploaded, successfully.
  • Using this application you will be able to upload files, only. Don't try to upload whole folders.

Proof of Personal ID

  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Official Declaration of Settlement Status

Proof of Address (a document from the last 3 months, clearly showing your name and address)

  • Utility bill
  • Council Tax bill (if you are a UK resident)
  • A phone bill of your Landline
  • Bank account statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Letter from HMRC
  • In some countries so-called 'address card'


Being a company formation agency the Anti-Money-Laundering Regulations apply to us. It means we must identify each founding members. For that we kindly ask the officers and shareholders to provide 2 documents each. A proof of ID and a proof of address. There are three acceptable methods of identification:

  • UPLOADING CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS In this case we will need 2 certified documents from each founding member. Individuals from the following professions are eligible for certification: solicitor or notary, doctor, teacher or lecturer, policeman, chartered accountant, bank or post office officer clearly noting their name, title and contact details. You can find a certification sample below.
  • UPLOADING UNCERTIFIED DOCUMENTS AND A WITNESSED DECLARATION. In this case the documents should be scanned and uploaded plus a declaration signed by a witness. You can find a declaration sample, below. The witness must be an adult and not involved in the incorporation.
  • PERSONALLY IN OUR OFFICE. It is a direct meeting in our office, no need to upload anything. If you choose this method, please contact us for coordination.


Scope of Activity List (PDF)