Welcome on our Fill-a-form page. Here you can submit the relevant information to enable us to prepare your Tax Return. If you are a new client we will need to get an authorisation from HMRC to act on your behalf and also you will need to identify yourself as we are regulated under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017.

DO NOT use this form, if you need our full bookkeeping service. In that case we will need all of your income and expense records to prepare the profit and loss statement, please contact us for a quote on that.

  • This is a full income tax report, so you have to fill out every relevant box, even if an income was already taxed at source (such as salary for example).
  • If you have a Limited Company without any income from it, you still need to mention it, as the Directorship itself can be important.
  • If you have any other income which we have not mentioned here, please add it to the “Notes” box at the end of the form.
  • On this page you can pay for the service through a secure card processing site. We do not keep your card details.
  • Money back guarantee: in case we can not process your order or you change your mind we can give you a full refund. We can not refund any payments after the Tax Return has been accepted by you and submitted to HMRC as that is something which can not be undone.
  • We will need all supporting documents: P60s, P45s, P11Ds from employment, or your calculation of income and expense as a sole trader.
  • You can upload anything which you feel important
  • If you are a new client, please upload a scanned ID and proof of address too for identification purposes





    1. Details of any earned income that you have received during the year as an Employee or Director. Please identify the sources of amounts.

    Example: Name of employer | Gross Income | Tax Deducted (1 income per line)

    2. We will need the following documents relating to each employment. Please mark which documents you will upload, as appropriate:
    3. Details of any self-employed income that you have earned between 6th Apr 23 - 5th Apr 24.
    4. We will need the CIS Deduction statements from each Contractor (only in Construction Industry)
    5. Details of any other income that you have received from pensions (private or state),unemployment benefit or other benefits.
    6. Details of your share of any interest during the year from bank or building society accounts. Please let us know whether received by yourself solely or from a joint account.
    7. Details of your share of any Dividend during the year. Please let us know whether received by yourself solely or from joint names.
    8. Details of your share of any Rental income during the year. Please let us know whether received by yourself solely or from a jointly owned property
    9. Details of any capital gains or losses that you have had during the year. A schedule showing sales and acquisitions will be helpful if this is applicable.


    Full details of any pension payments that you have paid during the year. We will need the amounts paid, the name of the Pension Company, the scheme number and whether the payments are gross or net.


    If you have any student loan currently outstanding which was taken out after 1 August 1998 please confirm the amount of any repayments that you have made during this year.


    Did you or your partner receive child benefit on or after 6 April 2023? If so what were the names and dates of birth the children that you have claimed benefit for?
    If you ceased to receive child benefit in the year to 5 April 2024 what was the date that the benefit stopped?


    Any other information and notes that you think we should know
    I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions